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جزوه زبان تخصصی تاریخ

جزوه زبان تخصصی تاریخ؛ در قالب PDF و 208 صفحه.

» فهرست مطالب:

  • فصل اول:متون تخصصی
  • فصل دوم مترادفات
  • واژنامه انگلیسی
  • پیشوند
  • ریشه لغت
  • پسوند
  • کلمات کلیدی
  • پاسخنامه
  • متون تخصصی زبان انگلیسی
  • متن 1
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 2
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 3
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 4
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 5
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 6
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 7
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 8
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 9
  • ترجمه متن
  • متن 10
  • ترجمه متن


» بخشی از متن:



Scarcely any of the great conquerors of history can have destroyed his life’s

work quite as completely as Nadir Shah did in the months before his death. His

unreasonable exactions and barbarous suppression of the ensuing provincial revolts

spread disaffection to every corner of his realms, and finally brought his own

nephew, all Guli khans, at the head of a rebel army, to the borders of Khurasan


His short – sighted favoritism towards his new Afghan and Uzbek contingents,

over his long – suffering Iranian officers and men, split his own army irreparably

and was the immediate cause of his assassination.

The morning after this event (11 Jumada II 1160/1 July 1747 new Style), his

heterogeneous army, encamped at Khabushan, rapidly disintegrated.

راس Head ارتش Army

نامتجانس Heterogeneous قتل Assassination

نی، مستقیم Immediate وحشی Barbarous

غیر قابل جبران Irreparably دلیل Cause

پسر برادر یا خواهر Nephew کاملا” Completely

صاحب منصب، افسر Officer فاتح Conqueror

پس از نادر Post – Nadir قشون، وابسته Contingent

استانی، محلی Provincial مرگ Death

کـــاملا”، تمامـــا، Quite از بین رفتن DestroY

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